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Shurley’s All Natural Volcanic Collagen Minerals, Face Mud Mask and Body Wellness Mud products, are grounded by twenty-years of volcanic mineral science working with the Hunter Valley, Australia located manufacturer, TuffRock Pty Ltd, that is well-known for collagen niche markets in the horse industry and being discovered in the pet dog & cat world to produce high quality volcanic mineral products for animal health. 

TuffRock’s quality reputation is backed with an established rural domestic market, outstanding testimonials & product reviews. For almost 15 years they are regular exporters to Japan, NZ, UK and UAE and over many years of success have received repeated requests to make the products for pets & help people.

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After several years of R & D, improvements in the unique patented manufacturing process of TuffRock Pty. Ltd, one of the company’s Founders & Managing Director, Steve Hurley, is bringing to market the same incredible products in human grade form.

The inventor, Steve (Shurley) Hurley, has quite a career living in the Hunter Valley, working with Engineers shipbuilding in Newcastle then the Hunter Valley Wine industry where after years of quality time working with the McGuigan Wine family says these wonderful people were the inspiration to make sustainable high quality all Australian products available at an affordable price.

“I have always respected our local Hunter Valley vineyards for their majestic volcanic soil structure, making world class award winning wines and knowing Australia is the oldest geological continent in the world I was inspired to look into the Rare Earths that help deliver these results and turn key elements into a range of high quality all-natural products.
We were blessed in 2002 to put a great team together and come up with a new mineral science for natural health. I love working Australian ancient volcanic Rare Earth ingredients into colloidal form and return them to their original natural nano-form. To have an idea about collagen minerals and develop new sheer energy manufacturing techniques so our products actually work is an absolute joy.
Obviously I am passionate about making activating volcanic minerals into some of the safest & best natural collagen products in the world and to help people de-stress with a little face spa time at home or some body mud after hard work. My mud works in minutes or leave on longer to enjoy more rejuvenating benefits .. at a very reasonable price .. 
We look forward to helping, naturally
Stephen (Shurley) Hurley – Inventor

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