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Shurley’s All Natural Pain Pads are designed to provide instant drug-free pain relief for those struggling with inflammation of joints, muscles and ligaments.

In 2021, after twice battling cancer, Steve Hurley was hospitalised with debilitating Bacterial Cellulitis in his lower right leg that caused massive oedema, muscular atrophy and limping for 2 and a half years.

Steve began working with what he knows best: Volcanic minerals (or as we like to call it, mud). He developed a volcanic mud for application to the face and body that takes over a week to manufacture from the finest, oldest and purest ingredients in the world that happen to be found right here in Australia! Applying his body mud directly to the affected area immediately worked to provide relief from the pain of ‘a knife in his hip’, but at the cost of a mess.

Unhappy with the mess that he was regularly having to clean up daily after the use of his mud, he set out to design a new system of encapsulating the mud into a pad that can be applied to any affected site to instantly manage inflammatory pain. To his delight and our surprise, we found that the pad actually works. It has now been tested by over 30 people with conditions ranging from headaches and neck pain to bacterial cellulitis of the feet. So far, the overwhelming majority of users report immediate relief of their symptoms. Little did Steve know that he had been developing the world’s first topical treatment for bacterial cellulitis. 


Note: Vet Wrap will soon be available to purchase along with your Pain Pads.

Manage Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Treat Cellulitis

Manage Pain & Reduce Inflammation

  • Our Pain Pads work with the body’s natural healing mechanics to deliver nutrients and reduce inflammation  
  • Unlike conventional pain management or NSAIDs, our Pain Pads are 100% drug free and completely safe to use

 Works on Cellulitis and Lymphoma 

  • Mobilise oedema & encourage lymph drainage by stimulating the blood vessels at the effected site to provide relief while nutrients are being delivered to promote healing

Note: If you accidentally puncture your Pain Pad, we will provide a replacement free of charge! All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping.

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Instructions for Use

Using your Pain Pad is simple

  • Your Pain Pad does not need to be in direct contact with skin. However, you can apply directly to skin, over your clothing or on top of a bandage etc… As long as you can feel the ‘cool’ sensation, you can be sure that your Pain Pad is active.
  • Simply rest your Pain Pad on, or wrap it around the affected area(s) & leave for at least 10 minutes.
  • Once your Pain Pad is warm, briefly set aside away from direct sunlight to cool. Once it has cooled, your Pain Pad is ready for re-use!
  • Re-apply as necessary & if symptoms persist we recommend consulting with your physician.
  • Our ‘Back, Hamstrings & Buttocks’ Pain Pad was sized to fit snugly into a pillow case. And all of our Pain Pads can be taken to bed to provide relief while you doze off, or to help you through the night. 
  • For bacterial cellulitis of legs or feet, elevate oedemas and apply pad to affected areas for around 2 hours each day.
  • Immediately cease use if your Pain Pad causes any irritation & please notify us of your expereince if this happens.
  • Most commonly used for pain associated with inflammation caused by muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, swelling & bruising. You can also try our Body Wellness Mud to treat mosquito bites and burns. Simply apply directly to skin. 
  • If you puncture your Pain Pad, please throw it away and contact us to organise a replacement. Your replacement Pain Pad will be free of charge, but we do ask that you cover the cost of shipping out your replacement. 

Note: Overuse of your Pain Pad may result in fatigue. Ensure that you minimise use if you notice that fatigue is relating to your Pain Pad use. 

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