I met Steve and purchased one of these at a show in Tamworth. I had a big drive home to Adelaide. I used my mud pad all the way home. It was amazing! Every time I went to get out the car, I jumped out easily. I did not have to unfold myself slowly like an old woman. It was crazy. I’ve been using it heaps since I got back on my office chair for my back, and across my knees and ankles after training. It’s really great.
Rosalind King

Hi Steve, I would love to write a review for your amazing new invention !! I literally have one wrapped around my neck as I write this 😂😂😂 absolutely love this product, it helps so much with the neck issues I have, and our 6 y.o. daughter Blaire always asks for hers cause she says it helps calm her when going to bed. Amazing product that is easy to use.
Lyndsey Mc Conville Wheately

After using the Body Wellness Mud on a recent injury to help reduce scar tissue, I am very impressed! I’ve always used the TuffRock poultice on myself when injured but the human mud is so creamy and feels awesome on the skin. My leg has improved so much since using the Body Wellness Mud.

Thanks Steve, loving the products as always..
Tracy Maitland

I tried the Body Wellness Mud on a very sore lower back. Mixed with the Arnica flowers. It gave instant relief. I used it again the following day and all pain was gone. Love this product… My new go-to!
Lisa Holohan

Fantastic products. I have fine sensitive ‘mature’ skin and often getting abrasions, which take ages to heal, on my hands. I run for Shurley’s mud and next day the cuts are showing signs of healing. Some completely healed in 4 days. Even works on mild burns from the soldering iron..
Kay Harding

I used the body mud on my injured & swollen foot after a long ride… and what a difference it made. I could feel the heat radiating away from it almost instantly and it definitely helped speed recovery.
Charlene Geoghegan

Love love love my weekly ritual using Shirley’s Face Mask!! Tightens and eliminates my wrinkles as well as minimises my pores and brightens my complexion!
For someone that has always struggled with crows-feet eye wrinkles and dimples on my cheeks it’s so great to find something that actually WORKS! I feel so much more confident in my skin now and so grateful. Cannot recommend this product enough!
Katy Scott


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