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The collagen mineral™ formula uses ingredients to draw out toxins and stimulate circulations within the body to help promote natural rejuvenation.

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Shurley’s All Natural Body Wellness Mud is designed to draw out toxins and stimulate circulation using an ancient volcanic collagen mineral™ formula which cools, soothes and stimulates the body to promode natural rejuvination. Cools, soothes and stimulates the skin & body.

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Available in conjunction with the Body Wellness Mud…

Organic Arnica Flower

Combine with your Body Wellness Mud for a personalised face treatment to suit your individual skin type.

Approximately 30 applications per product.

  • Anti-inflammatory organic product used for centuries in homeopathic medicine
  • Most commonly used for pain associated with inflammation caused by muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, swelling & bruising

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5 reviews for Body Wellness Mud

  1. Lisa Holohan

    I tried this product on a very sore lower back. Mixed with the arnica flowers it gave instant relief. I used it again the following day and all pain was gone. Love this product. My new go to!

  2. Kylie Hill

    After doing some extensive damage to my ankles and knee I have been using the Body Wellness Mud with Arnica Flowers every night for over 4 weeks now. It most certainly helped the bruising and definitely reduced the swelling. It is very soothing and cooling. I’m still a work in progress but this product is helping me get back on my feet again. Thoroughly recommend it.

  3. Nicky Chirlian

    Ive been using the Body Wellness Mud + Arnica Flowers on an old wound on my shin that wasn’t healing. It immediately lifted off the scab and has reduced the lumpy contusion underneath ( little heifer headbutted my shin in the cattle yards). Still a way to go, but it doesnt hurt any more

  4. Elizabeth Hurley

    This is the only thing that relieved my mosquito bites !! I have just come back from South America and was bitten over 20 times on my legs. For the last 2 months I tried everything to stop the itching and scratching. I used three different creams and it would only relieve the itch for up to an hour. This was a problem during the night when the itch came back worse than before I had used the creams. Never have my legs felt so uncomfortable and not a good look in shorts either !! Figured that I might as well try Shurley’s Body Mud, it relieved the itch straight away and felt so cool. I was absolutely amazed how it is so simple & easy to use as well 🙂 Only been 2 days and this incredible product is a miracle because it is reducing the scarring. From now on it will come with me on every camping trip (would have been great for the green ant bites) Photos are going up on their facebook page too.

  5. Tracey Rae

    My late father was diagnosed with cancer & one of the side effects he suffered from was fluid in his lower legs. This caused him much pain & discomfort so we decided to try the Shurley’s Body Mud to his legs to see if he could get some relief from the pain.
    I applied a thin layer to each of his lower legs from his knees to his ankles & left it for just over an hour & then washed it off. All the fluid that had engorged his lower legs and calves had disappeared & his legs had returned to normal size & the mud had taken away all of the heat & swelling.

    Tracey Rae

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